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first off to breaking news, new surveillance video just in at the very moment a high-speed passenger train right there derailing and crashing in spain. that killed 78 people. the train rounds the bend here as you can see, the first car sliding off the track, it slams into a concrete wall. at over 100 miles per hour. rest of the cars careen off the security camera footage and stops as a result of that crash. we'll get a live report from the scene in a few minutes. stick around for that. to our other top story. eric holder will ask a federal court to reinstate its authority over voting rights in texas. the justice department tried to blunt the decision. take a listen. >> identify already directed the department of civil rights division to shift resources to the enforcement of a number of
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federal voting laws that are not affected by the supreme court's decision including the remaining provisions of the voting rights act prohibiting voting discrimination based on race, color or language. today i am announcing that the justice department will ask a federal court in texas to subject the state of texas to a pre-clearance regime similar to the one require by spk -- section 5 of the voting reits act. you heard what eric holder said just moments ago. is this process we'll see going forward. what's your reaction? >> i think eric holder has tapped into the mood right now particularly after the george zimmerman verdict, he understands that it's going to be very important to in the whole race conversation this summer to look very carefully at how the supreme court decision
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on the voting rights is going to trickle down and be interpreted by the general people and i think that his taking this action is an important first step and it's not the last step. >> estimated 6,000 attendees wanted to hear what he said. a standing ovation for tracy martin on capitol hill. i want to play a clip of what he said and get your reaction. >> i vow to do everything in my power not to give up the fight for him. not only to fight for trayvon but to fight for so many other young black and brown boys in this country. >> you know, one point in that room about the future of black men and boys the most important thing happening in the nation. they had that hearing. where do they go from here? >> it's not entirely clear. you know, think what he was of
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course was trying to do is continue to draw attention to the, this issue, and the tragedy involving his son. whether congress can deal with some of the issues raised by this case is a different question. not only this and the voting rights act that you mentioned as well. these are things that divide the two parties in such a way that getting any sort of resolution, particularly before the next election just seems incredibly unlikely. >> do you expect eric holder as well as the doj to move forward consistently moving forward and you were saying they won't reach any sort of agreement so why is he doing this then? >> you know, for that particular reason. there's really no other recourse for the justice department if they want to actually get -- what the supreme court did they said congress could step in and deal with the provision that was struck down, the pre-clearance
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issue that was struck down but they are not going to do that. congress will not act. way the justice department has calculated on how to get a resolution here is through the court system. it's a risky move but may be the only move. >> stand by. the fight over controversial nsa domestic spying programs is not over. we're following that as well this hour. the proof came last night after a very close vote in the house. all want to defund that program that collects phone records but the nsa was spared by a vote of 217-205. lawmakers for and against it made their cases on "the daily rundown" last hour. >> all we were saying with this amendment this should be about people who are targets of investigation. why are we stockpiling at the nsa your calls, my calls, everybody else's information. it should be subjects of terrorist investigations. >> joining me now congressman chris van hollen a democrat from
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maryland. you voted with speaker boner and leader pelosi to keep the nsa program going. but, you know, you've probably seen these numbers our new msnbc news "wall street journal" poll showing 56% of americans are now worried these programs may go too far. if you look back at the numbers in 2006 that's up more than 10 percentage points. how then do you here, congressman defend these programs to your constituents based on this development? >> well, richard, i speak as somebody who opposed the re-authorization of the patriot act because i believed that we should reform these programs. but the vote yesterday was to simply cut off the program entirely. and i think many of us believed that the better approach to this was to gather all the facts, all the information and make the changes in a deliberate way, not simply going cold turkey because of the possible negative national security ramifications.
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so, look, identify again arguing for a long time before this broke that we should be taking the reform. i'm glad a lot of people have joined us in that concern but do i think that the best way to do this is in a more deliberate way rather than simply zeroing out all the funding all together. >> what's the happy median then? >> my biggest concern what's the standard, what's the test for actually looking at the content of people's communications. we should be absolutely clear that an individual warrant is required before anybody can get access to the content of anybody's phone calls, anybody's emails, and so the law provides for that and i think we need to be double sure that that is being enforced. there's a distinction between that and simply having records like the phone companies have of the people's different calls they made, incoming and outgoing. the real question in my mind is
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what's the test before you get to actually go and take a look first at those records and of course on top of that what's the test before you actually get content? >> the criticism is that the court should make these decisions there's more transparency needed which was part of the decision that was made yesterday which you voted on. i want to stay more on that here, congressman but i want to get to edward snowden. still living in a moscow airport. you and i have been watching those developments closely. what's your view? should the president and john kerry do more to get him back to the u.s., back to the shores here? >> really quickly first on fisa because i have been a co-sponsor of lengation that would require the fisa court to make public all their legal findings because i'm very troubled about a body of secret law and my legislation requiring the judges to be confirmed through the united states senate so that there's a public hearing on that as well. with respect to snowden look
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this will be a very difficult call for the president with respect to the upcoming meetings that are scheduled to take place in moscow. and i think the administration has been very clear that if russia does not cooperate with respect to snowden, that the president will have to reconsider the possibility of him making that visit. the president making the visit. i think the administration has been doing everything it can. the question is what are the next steps here. >> okay. congressman chris van hollen as always thank you for your time. >> thank you, richard. >> back with our panel. you heard congressman chris van hollen saying they needed something in between. what they had to vote on yesterday was too much. what was that in between and did you agree with what his solution is? >> i don't think there's any in between that can pass congress. the house is really the best chance for opponents of this nsa
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program really to clamp it down, to pare it back and they were very close yesterday. the senate is much more difficult body for those opponents to get legislation through, the supporters of that program are in prominent position, people in the intelligence committee, leadership are all with the white house on this. there's going to be an effort to pare it back. maybe there's a middle ground. but you won't expect much of anything other than window dressing. >> the poll shows more people are concerned about this. here are the numbers. are they concerned enough here to accept that want trade off of privacy over here security? >> it's interesting. the vote was very close. and it also doesn't cut across party lines. it brings together some strange bed fellows. i think in terms of the public they are more aware of this issue partly because of edward snowden, whatever they may think of the legality or ethics what he did the way the story
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imploded has brought this issue to people's attention and i think that there may not be anything that happens in terms of this particular bill, you were talking about a middle ground but there will be a lot more debates about it. >> and is intensity on the issue? >> the president said he wants to make things more transparent. how that works practically is hard to say. i think you'll see citizens of the u.s. being more involved in these kinds of watching these votes more carefully and that could lead to some shifting on the issue. >> it has a lot of people talking about it. one of your colleagues at politico had a fascinating take on this subject how the justin amash nsa amendment got a vote. amash is a guy who voted against john boehner's speakship but the vote made to it the floor here. >> my colleague wrote that article. it speaks to john boehner's
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hands off style. most, a lot of leaders would not take, listen to a guy who has threatend them over the years, voted against them, has been at war with them. boehner worked with him and gave him his vote and it really speaks to his approach to his members which sometimes is good but a lot of times can be difficult especially when you do get legislation through. >> who knows what the horse trading is going on. thank you so much. appreciate your time. moments ago we showed you those startling security video shows the moment a passenger train derailed and crashed in spain. 78 people killed. kyra simmons the live at the site. kyra, what do we know about how this happened. i know it's early. >> reporter: it is early, richard, but you saw from those pictures how fast the train appears to have been going. by the way you can see behind me
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now this crane lifting one of the train cars up from the track. this is, i think, the third car that i have seen lifted. there were seven carriages on the locomotive itself and i'll just take around to look for myself. you can just see the extraordinary damage that's been done, the smashed windows. when you see inside the carriage, you see the possession of ordinary parents people who were on board getting ready for a station stop and having cups of coffee that sort of stuff is strewn around because you can just see how damaging this crash was. windows smashed, rescue workers who arrived on the scene, smashed windows to pull people out because the next problem they had was that there was a fire on board so they were desperate to rescue the 247 around that passengers who were
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on board. this crash so serious that it appears as if almost all of the passengers on board were either killed or injured in this crash. >> you know, kyra, this is their high-speed train system similar to the acela in the northeast of the united states. spain having a lot of experience when it comes to these high-speed trains. you wouldn't expect it home to have this sort of difficulty. >> yeah. richard it's very difficult to hear you at times here but i know you're asking about this as a high-speed train. certainly that is being looked at. there are reports it was traveling faster than the speed limit on this line and you can see behind this wrecked carriage that there's a bend in track and that's what train was heading around when the accident happened. if it was going too fast
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perhaps, perhaps and it is early days as you say that might have between cause. certainly we know that the driver's role is being investigated and, richard, too, some worrying news today. we understand that two people on board were from houston. one of them we understand may have been injured. we don't know how serious that is. another it is suggested might thankfully be okay. if that is the case then that is an extraordinary escape from this terrifying crash. >> kyra simmons live in front of the crash scene there in spain. thank you so much. caroline kennedy has a new high-profile job. president obama nominated the daughter of john f. kennedy to be an ambassador to japan. she's an attorney and has never worked in government or specialty with japan.
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there are others who have served in this role that include walter monday dale and howard baker.
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new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner is pressing forward. he's rejected the calls to dropout. now the information congressman wrote an open letter to voters saying quote i will not quit you. he also appeared at a mayoral forum yesterday. he was asked whether he preferred facebook or twitter. this is what he said. >> all i can say is, selgado don't ask me. our campaign is on twitter. >> joining me is now the managing editor of the daily beast. a couple of laughs during that discussion. weiner was met with some boos and some jeers at a public housing event last night and one
7:19 am
theory from politico is this cents about winning for him it's about erasing the past by going through the motions. what do you think? >> right. hi, richard. thanks for having me. one of the ideas put forward he didn't ever plan on winning and he probably will not win is what most people are saying now but that he wanted to basically clean up his image. use this campaign cycle to erase this, get forgiveness so he can run the next time. whether that will work who knows. >> what next time might mean? >> right. exactly. he's basically taken himself and his wife out there for a second round of humiliation, a mere two years out and two days after his press conference i want seems like public opinion still is not going his way. one more apology isn't working even fans of huma are
7:20 am
questioninging her trustworthiness. >> i have posited this whole campaign on a bet and that is at the end of the day citizens are more interested in the challenges they face in their lives than anything that i have done embarrassing in my past. >> so if you give him that, paula, what qualifications, what capabilities does he bring to bear here to change voters lives? >> to be honest i think he has very few capabilities at this point. some new yorkers say what's wrong with us that we're okay with a guy like weiner being our mayor? you can judge by his text, by his twitter, by his what he said in the past that he has a larger-than-life so to speak sense of himself and his ability to fix the city. again, i think that's a major assumption that the voters are going get behind that. i like to think at some point the voters will get a little bit tired of the apologies and not
7:21 am
quite truthfulness. he said just a few months ago in a "new york times" magazine profile they talked about healing process and, you know, how anthony has learned from his lessons but that story was reported a few months after he had actually been texting with this second woman. so how many -- how much longer are we supposed to believe this? >> how many more round, how much more are people going allow this story line to go further. let's dig deeper. in our latest poll we got here, information from taken before tuesday evening in that news conference i want showed weiner in the lead ahead of his closest competitor christine quinn by four points. did he have that much going for him, that much momentum? >> there was a sense might have made to it a runoff but it was sort of beyond the realm of likelihood that he would get the nomination, that these early
7:22 am
polls are never good indicators especially in new york primaries where it's after labor day that people start to pay attention. he was coasting on large part on his name recognition and nobody was surprised that he was ahead those few points but nobody expected that to continue in such a large field. this was sort of, i mean, this obviously messed up the balance even further. >> anybody can force him to bow out? any names you would pull out? >> any names who could force him to pull out? the most likely person would be huma to be honest. she's chosen not too. >> thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> develop new a group of bipartisan senators is holding a meeting with several retired female service members. they are discussing ways combat sexual assaults. senate showdown is expected after the august recess. tissue whether the prosecution of sex assault cases should
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today i am announcing that the justice department will ask a federal court in texas to subject the state of texas to a pre-clearance regime similar to the one required by section 5 of the voting acts right opinion >> attorney general eric holder announcing that the justice department planning to ask a federal court to reinstate its authority over voting laws in texas. part of an obama strategy to challenge state alexandria laws that they say discriminate by race. to politics now. congressman steve king is defending his comments about dreamers. earlier this week he gave an interview suggesting for every
7:27 am
valecdectorian come ago cross the border is a drug smugler. here's his reaction. >> any comments? >> not very helpful. >> furthermore i haven't found anybody that can make a logical argument that disagrees with me. >> two more women are coming forward accusing san diego mayor of sexual harassment. one said he tried to kiss her. and another woman said he touched her behind at a fundraiser. she's sure there's even more women who were harassed. >> i'm a number of women who have spoken to me in the past and women that have come forward on the basis of, you know, by me telling my story. >> the mayor said he's saddened
7:28 am
bipartisan these allegations but a better understanding of what happened when he gets due process. the mayor's form are communication director said he put her in a head lock and tried to kiss her. president george h.w. bush shaved his head to show support of a 2-year-old son of the secret service member detail. more than two dozen members of his secret service detail did the very same, 2-year-old patrick that's leukemia and has started to lose his hair. the bushes lost their second child robin to leukemia 60 years ago. vice president biden continues his overseas trip. he's headed from india to singapore and brought with him his signature aviators. politico has a great slide show. 21 places he wears his aviators. who knows he could be returning to do some campaigning on his own for 2016.
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2005. small plane has crashed into a house in central indiana. the house then caught on fire sending plumes of smoke over columbus. getting these pictures just into us at msnbc. happened about a mile from the city's airport and 40 miles south indianapolis. no word yet on any deaths or injuries. we'll keep watching reports and pictures. president obama heads to jacksonville, florida next hour. this afternoon he'll continue his renewed focus on the economy. the president gave economic speeches in illinois and missouri yesterday and while not offering any new ideas of his own he challenged republicans to step up to the plate here. >> i'm laying out my ideas to give the middle class a better shot. so now it's time for to you lay out your ideas. you can't just be against something, you got to be for something.
7:33 am
>> americans aren't asking the question where are the speeches they are asking where are the jobs? >> let's bring in amy holmes anchor with real news and also joined by msnbc contributor patrick murphy. good thursday to you both and we'll start off with you amy because we're listening to john boehner there the speaker and he's saying where are the ideas. on the flip side where are the ideas coming from the republicans? >> well republicans as you know are for say tax reform simplifying the tax code and while they are against obama care there's a good reason for that. as we're already seeing the news rolling out about obama care, obama care is costing jobs. costing people being able to work full time. employers are cutting back their hours on employees if they don't comply with obama care. with president obama is not so much about economics but about politics and this is going into 2014, going into budget debate,
7:34 am
going into raising the debt ceiling limit and he wants to paint republicans as the bad guys and he's the good guy for the middle class and yet he doesn't have new ideas. what we're seeing is old wine in a new bottle. frankly the same speech. >> i have a feeling patrick has a response. democrats saying obama care and trying to stop that is just, actually going against progress. >> amy is right the house republicans are against obama care. they voted to repeal it 38 times. they campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs. but where are their ideas for job growth? on obama case on the health care bill but it's a job creator not a job minimizer. let's look real quick on what's going on here. the president spoke yesterday. let's work together. we've had 40 straight months of job growth. 7.2 million jobs. gridlock costs jobs.
7:35 am
>> jobs don't come out of washington, jobs come from the small business person, from the entrepreneur and unfortunately obama care is a huge drag on that small business owner who looking to hire that 50th person. do i i'm -- >> they get tax breaks if they have less than 50 people. can i say something real quick. we can talk about this theoretically. there's more people hurting. people unemployed want congress to work together. this is what i'm saying, amy, this is why in washington there's a 90% disapproval rating. >> why is it the eighth pivot for president obama. he came into the office promising to create more jobs and this is his eighth pivot on the subject of jobs because he hasn't been delivering. >> part of it, amy, when you look at this and have the congress that's not willing network with fortunate, co-equal branches of government and when they say no for immigration, no on health care, no on infrastructure, the president is
7:36 am
guys then what's your plan because i keep giving you plans, i want to work with you and they are not answering the call. they got to put the country first before themselves. >> let's go back to what the president is doing. something was written by "the washington post" columnist. even a reincar natured steve jobs would have trouble marketing this turkey. there's little hope to get congress to act and little appetite on the white house to fight for bold new legislation. the president is running into reruns. why do this? >> flip side what do you want him to do? stand at the white house and just hang out? he's going on the offensive. going on this eight week campaign starting yesterday. today in jacksonville at a port saying we got to work this together. we got to move the country forward. our people are hurting out there. we've had job growth for 40 straight months. but the unemployment is still stubbornly too high and we got to work on that. >> amy, should the president be
7:37 am
dogged about what counts? >> of course. i wish he had done it five years ago. and more green jobs. first of all the green energy sector doesn't create very many jobs because it's very hi-tech and high educational level. we gave solyndra half a billion dollars and it failed. these green energy jobs are a big turkey. >> i appreciate you both. pope francis has a jam packed detain brazil. he's in the mid. his first international trip as pontiff. he received the keys to the city today in rio de janeiro. what's the pope doing now? >> reporter: richard, we are witnessing some of the most historic moments of the visit of the pope here in rio de janeiro and right now he's in a villa it's one of hundreds that's home to the poorest of people in rio de janeiro but the stronghold.
7:38 am
this was classified by the brazilian army in 2012 and a few months later you see the pope walking by, being greeted by hundreds of people and what more incredibly he actually walked into a house, just picked a house and walked in and greeted the family there. this is a pope who has always said he want as church for the poor and of course keeping true to his words. it doesn't get more poorer or more marginalized -- >> we have some problems at the moment with our connection to claudio. if we get him back we'll return to brazil. checking the news feed this morning four. the prosecution and defense are delivering their closing arguments in the trial of army private bradley manning. the former intelligence analyst is accused of funneling reams of
7:39 am
documents to wikileaks in 2009 and 2010. he's also facing a charge of aiding the enemy. o.j. sump goes before a nevada parole board today but even if he's granted parole the former nfl star will not get out of prison. simpson was sentenced consecutively on several convictions meaning he would still have time to serve. his best chance for freedom is whether a judge will grant him a new trial based on claims his attorney botched his defense. one nfl rookie is making news and he hasn't even made the team yet. the titans jonathan willard was on his way to training camp when the karen front of him started smoking and burst into flames. willard and another man pulled out the woman and her two small children just in time. >> two minutes after we got everybody out of the car and to
7:40 am
safety the car blew up. boom then probably like a couple of minutes after that, it blew up again. willard said at the time he was not scared but afterward he realized just how dangerous that situation was. we mentioned yesterday jimmy fallon is a new daddy. the late night host and his wife had a baby girl on tuesday. he revealed the new name, winnie rose and couldn't help crack some jokes. >> welcome to late night with jimmy fallon and i'm our daddy host. yes william and kate we'll set up a play date. stop bothering me. >> and this is a string twist. is it a donkey. one of their donkeys delivered a foal with zebra stripes and since the family had rescued a
7:41 am
zebra from a circus they realized they had a rare cross breed. the newborn is healthy and doing well. >> we're paying billions of dollars on products and services that we don't want. here's what's moving your money. jackie i'm guilty of these gray charges. i don't want to hear how bad it is. >> a new study showing consumers are paying hundreds ever dollars in these extra charges that they never wanted or never meant to sign up for to the tune of $14.3 billion collectively last year. that's an average of $215 per person per year according to bill guard. how does it happen? it's those things like signing up for something that has a free trial then it converts in to a paid subscription. people forget to cancel those before that conversion happens. now tissue of this sort, it's not really heavily regulated and these gray charges are not
7:42 am
illegal built experts out there definitely say they are unethical. >> great stuff. i want to move to something else that's mom and dad having to shell out more for back to school shopping. the numbers are significant. >> when it comes to expected spending when we approach this back to school spending, they will pay more for supplies and extracurricular activities. youpt pacing the consumer price index. the so-called backpack index shows this year costs are up 7.3% from last year. the breakdown not really surprising the older kids, the ones in high school are paying 9.5% more for elementary and middle school students. those groups will see an increase of 5.3%. what's interesting it's not because we're seeing costs for one item rising dramatically more small increase across the board but technology a big part. kids want tablets. >> they do. it's not the small things. forget the calculators and
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for a strong bag that grips the can... ♪ get glad forceflex. small change, big difference. >> london palace officials asked the media to keep their distance. william and kate want to spend private and quiet time with their son george alexander louis or his royal highness prince of
7:47 am
cambridge is now three days old. msnbc's chris jansing is in london watching the entire process. this private time meant they picked up and moved this morning. >> last night, midnight we left buckleberry. this is another indication of the way will and kate are really changing the monarchy, lightning speed when you think about it in terms of royal time. on monday she goes into hospital, on tuesday we meet the baby and on wednesday the queen makes a visit and by today everybody is gone and done. the english media and we as well. you know saying that we understand that this is a time for them to be together. it's maternity leave time frankly for prince william. he gets two weeks from being a search-and-rescue pilot. they just want time to spend say lone as any new parents would. think how different is that from
7:48 am
princess diana and the lessons really that william learned. he's had sometimes difficult relationship with the media but he also understands that he's part of the firm, part of his job is being accessible. so they do that. they are very clear about being protective. he's always been protective of kate and now he'll be protective of george. that doesn't mean they stopped reporting this story. for example, what would a royal birth be without as we say in the states tachkes. one shop had things commemorating the birth. it got to be an international story. majority of orders are coming in from the united states. there's these coins being minted. any child that has the same birth day as prince george can
7:49 am
apply for one of these coins even if you're an american as the tobias family is. they talked to me about their newborn baby, sasha. >> it's really special for us because we've been over here in london for about a year and a half and it will always tie theory being born here and just -- >> something she will always remember and we'll always remember. >> first thing i thought when they said is it a boy or a girl and they said it's a girl -- he's a boy. >> yes, absolutely. >> she's a girl. >> future princess. see what goes on. >> that would be amazing. >> hopefully they will hit off. >> not ruling it out. >> it will happen. >> she looks like she can be queen material. shoo absolutely. >> everyone is talk about fixing up their baby like jimmy fallon play dates. one more thing about george you probably know if you've been watching that was the name favored in book make. they already turned their attention now if you would like richard you can place a bet when the spare, you need an heir and
7:50 am
spare. the spare will be born and betting money is on next year. >> kitt will have lots of children. we'll go through this many times. today's tweet of the day comes from comedy central. ugh. now everyone is going to name their babies his royal highness prince george alexander louis of cambridge.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
it's a museum full of history and rare items but the public are not allowed inside. it's full of art facts dating back decades that cia officers use for espionage. >> reporter: it's the stuff of movies. >> i think it got shredded. >> reporter: to walk the halls of the central intelligence agency is to see the relics of real life dramas. part of the safe from the world
7:54 am
trade center. the mockup of osama bin laden's compound. >> original model was brief the policymakers, brief the president. absolutely. and the assault team used to it plan their raid. >> reporter: all on display in the greatest museum you'll never see. >> this is the rifle that was recovered from the third floor of the compound by the assault team. >> reporter: that's osama bin laden's personal ak-47. shown to us for the first time. how did it end up from there in pakistan to here at the cia headquarters? >> director panetta ask that it come in to the museum collection, so we're very fortunate to haste. >> reporter: you seen the movie "zero dark thirty"? >> yes. >> reporter: is that right? one of the navy s.e.a.l.s picked it up and brought it out. >> can't confirm or deny exactly where the weapon was. i just know i have it in my museum and i'm happy they have it. >> reporter: from the beginning the cia has invented all kinds
7:55 am
much gadgetry like the microdot camera. >> take about 11 shots with a disk, reducing a full page of text to an image that's less than one millimeter by one millimeter. >> reporter: a pipe that rereceives a radio broadcast. >> it's an unmanned aerial vehicle. >> a drone? >> drone. a 40-year-old drone. >> reporter: you have a fascinating collection. it is american history. why isn't it hop to the public? >> because the museum is here at headquarters. that's the main reason. we have officers under cover. >> reporter: for the officers and employees who walk these halls, every object, the compasses and button, the coin with a secret compartment and camera carrying pigeon tells a story. what don't you have on display. is there warehouse or basement where you keep the overflow of
7:56 am
things that don't get put in >> we have a collection that's over 16,000 pieces right now cataloged. imagine that last shot of "raiders of the lot of ark," sort of like that. >> great stuff. that was nbc's richard engel. that wraps up this hour of chris jansing. i'm richard lui here in new york. mara schiavocampo up next for thomas roberts with more on eric holder's announcement on voting reits. stick around. efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart"
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"first day of my life" by bright eyes you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, ed. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. on the agenda this morning breaking news out of philadelphia. less than an hour going u.s. attorney general eric holder announced to a crowd of thousands new government action to protect the vote rights of u.s. citizens. >> today i'm announcing the justice department will ask a federal court in texas toict the
8:00 am
state of texas to a pre-clearance regime similar to the ones required by section 5 of the voting rights act. we believe the state of texas should be required to go through a pre-clearance process whenever it changes its voting laws and practices. the doj's move against texas is the department's first since the supreme court's ruling in june that weakened the vote rights act a decision that holder referred to as flawed. craig melvin is there at this morning's national urban league conference. good morning. i understand you just spoke withholder yourself. >> reporter: i did, mara. basically he said while the justice department is going to start with texas, this will probably not be the last state or the only state that the justice department takes a good hard look at. north carolina being the next state. holder spoke to a crowd of

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